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In proces of her own soul search Berislava developed seminar she named ART OF GRACE, through she teaches POWER OF LOVE. She does them in Dubai, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand, it is best to contact her via email for details.

You are invited to an exceptional experience (extraordinary energy clearing blockages of your creativity) with international artist Berislava Grace.

Experience connection with her heart centred passion.

Engage your whole being in this amazing workshop. Open to Divine energy.

Enjoy the day of expression and inspiration in love and freedom.

Experience being present moment by moment. Engage all your senses as you move to increase your energy and clear your seven major chakras.

Open to allow music and movement to uplift your life force energy with ease and grace. Express it into your greatest creative authentic power.

Music movements and meditation will release a potential within that will surprise you! You will take home your own unique oil painting born from fun, joy, creativity and grace.

It does not matter whether you are a rank beginner or an advanced artist - we can all learn from Berislava, and everyone can create their own unique works of art.

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