First time Berislava exhibited in 1986. She had number of group exhibitions and solo exhibitions. In l99l she took part in the work of the Artist’s Colony "l7 Water Mills" in the vicinity of Nis, Yugoslavia. Her oil paintings can be found in private collections in Yugoslavia, Hungary, Germany, United Kingdom, Slovak Republic, USA, Canada, Australia, Sri Lanka and New Zealand. She resides in New Zealand. Since 1999 exhibiting at Sargents Fine Art, Lahaina, Hawaii. In 2001 she participated at Artexpo California in San Francisco, USA. Currently you can find her artworks in Galleries in USA, Australia and New Zealand.


She received Red Cross Medals for Humanitarian work and participation at charitable
actions for happier childhood in 1991, 1992 and 1993 - Novi Sad, Yugoslavia.



1991 Art Gallery Oscar , Novi Sad, TWICE
1992 Art Gallery Libero, Becej
1993 Art Gallery Apollo, Novi Sad
1993 Art Gallery Adonis, Novi Sad

Sri Lanka

1994 Art Gallery Buddhi, Colombo
1994 National Art Gallery, Colombo

New Zealand

1994 Gilt Edge Gallery, Wellington
1995 Odlins Gallery, Wellington -TWICE
1995 The Potters Shop and Gallery, Wellington
1995 The New Moon Gallery, Wellington
1996 Pyromania - The Art Centre, Tauranga
1996 The French Art Gallery, Auckland
1997 Pumphouse, Auckland
1997 WSA Gallery, Hamilton
1997 Pyromania - The Art Centre,Tauranga
1998 WSA Gallery, Hamilton
1999 Pyromania - The Art Centre,Tauranga
1999 Aotea Centre, Auckland
2000 Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland
2000 Gallery 185, Auckland
2001 WSA Gallery, Hamilton
2001 Bruce Mason Centre, Takapuna, Auckland, ICONS OF NEW ERA
2002, Creative Napier Gallery, Napier, ICONS OF NEW ERA
2002 WSA Gallery, Hamilton, ICONS OF NEW ERA
2002 Art of this World, Auckland, FEATURES


Because Berislava is comuting between Dubai, Egypt, Australia and New Zealand, it is best to contact her via email:


Alternatively if you know her location you can contact her on mobile:

Dubai: +971 503 543 709

New Zealand Mobile: +64 21 213 6033

New Zealand Landline: +64 9 476 8429


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